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Hobby Mechanics are a home based Internet company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and have been supplying the needs of Model Engineers for over 25 years.


Our major products are Machine Tools and Accessories, as well as Queensland Government Railways Steam Locomotives, for which we supply plans and castings to enable you to complete working true-to-scale models, in 5" and  7 1/4" gauge. 


Steam Locomotive Kits 5" Gauge










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Locomotive Plans and Castings



BA  Spanner Set

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 Set of 10 BA Ring and Open End Spanners Laser cut from 316 Stainless steel.  Sizes range from 1 to 10BA, 2mm thick. Bend them or crank them to suit any hard to get places, they won't break!










Hobby Mechanics also supplies a wide range of Taps and dies, cutters, and fasteners for the Hobby enthusiast.

 See our new range of hot air engines complete and ready to run or in kit form for machining and assembly   
If you find difficulties while ordering please contact us immediately at to resolve the problem.