Hobby Mechanics offers a complete 3D CAD drawing service for model engineers to visualise their creations in 3D space, check the fit and clearances, view colours and textures and actually see the finished and fitted components before cutting a single piece of metal!

That's not all, the 3D graphic image can be saved as a bitmap file for printing out in full colour, it can also be saved as an .stl file for 3D printing of the part (ideal for making patterns), also the file can be saved as a .dxf or .dwg for water jet or laser cutting of precise metal parts such as frames.

The 3D graphics  can be shown as an exploded view in full colour and 3D, create a drawing from this and include dimentions, a bill of materials and part identification by automatically numbering each component on the page.

View the images below for examples of the power of 3D graphics for model engineering and contact us for further assistance.


These are renderings from 3D CAD not photos
a12-cylinder-assembly.jpg a12-bogie.jpg a12-boiler.jpg a12-loco-construction.jpg b13-internet-view.jpg 
a12-crosshead.jpg a12-axle-pump-body.jpg a12-boiler-wrapper.jpg item510-bracketgeneral-purpose.jpg  item302-brackettilting.jpg
 exploded-view.jpg  final-assembly.jpg  assembly-castings.jpg  b13-side-view-reduced.jpg  item203-guardstone.jpg
 item502-barguide.jpg  l-r-matching-pairs-small.jpg      

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