3D Printing

We offer a 3D printing service to model makers. Our facilities include 3D CAD programs that allow for any part to be reproduced in precise detail and scale, convert from left hand to right hand mirror image parts, scale up or down to allow for part shrinkage when casting or machining. Check fit and interference on screen before wasting time and materials in the workshop.

Now as an add-on to the above we have 3D printing available that allows us to download the images on screen to a 3D printer and turn out exact reproductions in a few hours or less. These 'printed' parts are made from ABS or PLA plastic in perfect detail and size, at present our maximum size is 160x160x150mm, we can even do multiple parts at the same time, and part within parts!

These printed parts can then be used for prototyping, check for fit and identify errors saving time and effort.

They can then form the basis for 'Lost Wax' casting in bronze or stainless steel (which currently is cheaper than bronze).

Contact us for a quote if we can help your project.



 Elliptical Gears
Mirror Image left and
right hand parts
 Small Engine components
 eh-armrest-3d-print-4.jpg  eh-armrest-3d-print.jpg  20130905-074953.jpg  mikardo-wheel-pattern-1.jpg
1963 EH Holden Door Armrest 311mm long, made from ABS plastic. Replaces original unit almost imposible to find these days.  EH Armrest bottom view, just needs painting to match original colour  The finished product  Wheel Pattern for Mikado Locomotive
 steamdome-2.jpg  bb18-wheel-bearing-pattern-4.jpg  pla-picture.jpg  vented-doors-pattern.jpg
 Steam Dome Pattern made for large American Locomotive. Cast in Aluminium  Pattern for BB18 1/4 Bearing Block in 7 1/4" gauge cast in Bronze  PLA Rolls Available  Pattern for Vented doors on QGR wagon