A10 Locomotive

The First QGR Locomotive

With the opening of the Southern and Western Railway in 1865, the Government of the State of Queensland decided to adopt the innovative 3 foot 6 inch gauge for the railways in the state. The first locomotives were ordered from the Avonside Engine Coy of Bristol in the United Kingdom, and are noted as “A” class.

We have modelled the second type, "B" class, ordered in the 0-4-2 format with radial axle boxes manufactured by Neilson & Coy of Glasgow. This class of locomotive entered service in August 1866 and remained in service until November 1902.



The 5 inch gauge locomotive dimensions are as follows:

  • Length of Locomotive 750mm
  • Length of Tender 395mm
  • Width 260mm
  • Height 397mm
  • Driving Wheel Diameter 115mm


Model as made by Des Pelly

Castings and plans available for this model in 5" gauge


HM Code Description Cost
1-1050 Drawings $190
H003 Driving wheel front 4.5" $26.80
H004 Trailing wheels rear 4.5" $27.00
H005 Cylinder Cover Rear $7.80
H006 Cylinder Cover front $5.00
H007 Cylinder $40.00
H008 Steam Chest $6.50
H009 Driving Wheel Axle Box $38.70
H010 Trailing Wheel Axle Box $37.35
H011 Brake Block Ring $25.00
H012 Loco Frame water jet cut poa
H013 Loco Frame 3mm poa
H014 Tender Frame Profiled poa
H015 Motion Plates poa
H016 Steam dome $90.00
H017 Spring Hangers $6.90
H018 Springs Loco $15.40
H019 Springs Tender $16.72
H020 Wheel Splasher $12.50
H021 Sand Box $114.54
H022 Sand Box Lid $16.00
H023 Bottom Smokebox Door $36.00
H024 Eccentric Strap $27.00
H025 Axle Pump $29.15
H027 Buffer Stock $13.00
H028 Buffer Pad $16.00
H029 Tender Axle Box $42.00
H030 Piston $13.90
H031 Valve $19.00
H032 Radial Front Horn $27.00
H033 Radial Rear Horn $26.00
H034 Deadeye Bearings $30.00
H035 Rocker Shaft Bearings $7.30
H036 Weigh Shaft Bearings $12.15
H037 Brake Shaft Bearings $6.10
H038 Steam Bush & Ring $40.00
H039 Buffer Beam $12.00
H040 Eccentric Beam Steel $7.50
H041 Cylinder Gland $4.50
H042 Tender Hand Pump $25.20