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A12 5 inch Parts & Plans

Castings and components available for the 5" gauge A12 locomotive we can supply materials and machining details for these items


A12  Axle Block

HM059 4 required machine from bar of solid cast iron


A12 Bogie Axle Block HM061 4 required machine from bar of solid cast iron


A12 Bogie Centre Pivot Casting


Cast iron for machining


A12 Bogie Wheel 6 Spoke HM053 cast iron not machined


A12 Cylinder Casting HM054 Cast iron for machining

a12-driving-wheel.jpgA12 Driving Wheel Casting HM051

Cast iron not machined 140mm dia requires steel tyre



A12 Trailling Wheel HM052 not machined 140mm dia requires steel tyre


A12 Equalising Beam Pivots non cast product fabricate from plate material


A12 Rear Cylinder Cover HM082

Non cast item machine from cast iron bar 55mm dia


A12 Footplate Casting

HM058 Cast iron not machined


A12 Smokestack Base unavailable as casting at present 





A12 Steam Chest Casting HM055 Cast iron unmachined






A12 Tender Wheel Casting HM057 8 spokes 77mm dia unmachined casting requires steel tyre 


A12 Tender wheel steel tyres hollow steel bar supplied to machine this item






A12 Frames Water Jet cut 10mm thick steel complete with accurate hole centres 2 required contact us for current prices 







Axle Pump Body Casting


Valve Gear Expansion Link


Steam Chest Shell cover


Cylinder Shell Cover Front


Weigh Shaft Bearing LH


Weigh Shaft Bearing RH


Valve Gear Rocking Shaft


Cylinder Shell Cover Rear




Eccentric Assembly


Oil Cups


Valve Spindle Bush


Weigh Shaft Assembly


Weigh Shaft Crank Lever


A12 Loco Construction


A12 Boiler Wrapper


A12 Cylinder Gland Bush


A12 Weigh Shaft Pivoting Bolts


A12 Weigh Shaft Curved Links