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Introduction to Hobby Mechanics


Many customers will know that this business was started and run for more than 25 years by Mr. John Strachan of Brookfield, Brisbane. Qld. Australia. Well; as comes to us all, age and poor health have caught up with him in recent times and so he has reluctantly sold the business.


My name is John Ruggles and I am the new owner, I want to continue supplying materials, fasteners, tools and the range of castings for machine tools and steam locomotives that has been the basis of this business for so many years in the past.


Hobby Mechanics is a home based internet business, we do not have a shop front nor do we encourage direct sales from our premises as both the neighbours and City Council will be knocking on my door also!


Our low overheads and uncomplicated operating structure means we can pass on lower prices to our customers.


The items we sell are sourced from suppliers in England and Australia, no cheap Asian stuff sold here! we post worldwide via Australia Post which is the most economical and reliable service. 


We like to post out orders within 24 to 48 hours after receiving them, sometimes the items required are not in stock; in such cases after 4 days of sourcing or if the waiting time will be too long, we will post out what items of the customer order we have on hand and then post out the late items as soon as they become available


Many of the imperial size steel and brass profiles are becoming increasingly hard to find as they are no longer made in Australia, many small or thin metals such as hex and flat bar are not stocked by the major distributors because the market is too small for them. Customers may find delays in supply of these items occasionally.


If delays occur we will contact the customer via e-mail to advise of the status of their order.


Please contact us at any time if you need assistance for the supply of items in our product range.


John Ruggles


Hobby Mechanics




Genuine customers please leave a message if we cannot answer your call straight away; we will respond to you if you leave your contact number.



America Goes Metric (inch by Inch)

And so does ther rest of the world, it is becoming harder now to acquire some imperial sized items such as metal bars, square, round and flat, particularly in small sizes, one major steel supplier recently quoted 20 x 10mm as the smallest flat bar size they supply. although 1/4" round is still available anything under that is almost unobtainable. Brass is the exception,  with metrication in 1976 they simply changed the imperial sizes to metric definitions, this applies to pipes as well, but they also make dedicated metric sizes.

BA bolts and threads are on the way out in the UK in favour of the Metric system, apparently they have stopped making BA14 and BA16 sizes.

At present we have good stocks of BA taps and dies and nut and bolts, as well as BSW, ME, BSF, WF, UNC, UNF and various pipe threads available. Over the next decades many of these standards will be replaced with Metric so we will have to adjust our expectations to suit.



If in the event that we are unable to supply customers in a timely fashion or if there is a defect or mistake in an order to a customer we will correct the matter as soon as possible, but where we are unable to meet customer requirements we will refund any monies paid without quibble or delay because we would rather lose money than our good name.