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Budget Bogies

15.00 KGS
$55.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Budget Bogies

Based on the Queensland Railways ASF A-3 Ride Control bogies, the units are offered in various forms to suit the builder.

Both sizes are fitted with springs for a comfortable ride and to increase the ability of the riding cars or wagons to remain correctly aligned to the track, even in the case of some track errors.


The 5" gauge and the 71/4" gauge come with 8 springs.

The side frames and bolster are cast in Grade CB401 Aluminium and are of excellent finish, requiring little work by the builder to assemble.

The wheels are cast iron of high purity with spokes for the 5" gauge and of disk form for the 71/4" gauge.

Axle boxes are cast iron and can be bored for plain bearings to suit wagons, or for SKF needle roller bearings when used as a riding car. The drawings illustrate both methods of construction.













Individual parts will be available on this site soon. For the moment, please print our order form to purchase individual parts.



ITEM 5" Gauge 71/4" Gauge
Drawings (2) H2464 $14.00/set H2454 $14.00/set
Side Frames and Bolster H2460 $60.00set H2450 $103.80/set
Axle Box C.I. 1 stick H2461 $13.00each H2451 $20.00 each
Wheels C.I. H1001 $18.70each H2452 $40.00 each
Springs steel H2463 $35.65/set of 10 H2453 $31.70/set of 8
Complete Set of Parts H2468 $440.00/set H2458 $720.00/set