Case 65 Steam Tractor

Hobby Mechanics now have plans and patterns to make a 1/3rd scale (4":12") 1908 Case 65 steam tractor. This particular model is a design classic, a few have been built in Australia over the years and are a much admired model at shows.  At about 2m long and weighing in at over 1000 Kg they are a very impressive piece of kit.


case-4-inch.jpg case.jpg
case-with-cab.jpg  Expressions of interest are open to anyone interested in building this model, there are economies of scale if a few people are sufficiently interested to get a set of castings. Contact hobby mechanics about this project.
 Case 65 with canopy  

Prices have not yet been determined but it is envisioned that there will be an ongoing build program over a few years and castings can be supplied as required so there is no large upfront cost for castings.  The largest single expence will be the steel boiler. If required Hobby Mechanics can provide engineering and construction services for this item.