Four Facet Drill Sharpener

Four Facet Drill Sharpening tool.

Allows sharpening of small drills from 1mm to 6mm with 2 faces on each cutting edge. This gives a precise pointed tip for accurate drill centering every time, no need to use centre drills to start holes. Brilliant for drilling holes in round bar or stock, eliminates wandering and slip.

Kit includes 3 main castings in aluminium, set of drawings and ME feature on construction and use.

other components can be made from workshop scrap or we can supply various materials for machining.

Chuck is standard Jacobs type key lock (not included in kit)


Sharpening tool is only 150mm high, not only used for sharpening drills, make up some jigs and accessories to also sharpen small lathe cutting tools or engraving cutters.

An easy build for the experienced hobbyiest and an interesting project for the beginner or student.


This product is now available in kit form

See Four Facet Drill Sharpening Kit