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QGR A10 Locomotive A10pic.jpg QGR A12 Locoa12-photo-bill-gerome-web.jpg QGR AC16 Locoac16-loco-web.jpg

QGR B13 Loco


 QGR C17 Loco "Brown Bomber"c17-brown-bomber-web.jpg QGR BB 18 1/4" Loco "Betty"bb18-1-4-loco-by-terry-phillips.jpg  QGR PB15 Locopb15-loco-by-bobby-lisle-large.jpg


These locomotive kits are rewarding projects for serious model engineers who like to "roll their own" when it comes to creating little works of art that will last generations and give many years of satisfactory running.Casting kits for these models are available in 5" gauge. The kits comprise cast iron and bronze castings and the complete plans. Basic frames are supplied but not the boilers, Hobby Mechanics can assist customers with the manufacture of either copper or steel boilers to suit.