QGR Steam Locomotives - 5 " Gauge - C17

20.00 KGS

Product Overview

Q.G.R. C17 5" gauge 4-8-0 Locomotive

Individual parts will be available on this site soon. For the moment, please print our order form to purchase individual parts.


H1700 Drawing - Complete set of 16 WT 1.0 kg  
H1701 Cylinder CI. 2 req. Wt. 5 kg  
H1702 Cylinder rear cover laird CI. 2 req. Wt. 500 gm  
H1703 Cylinder rear cover alligator CI. 2 req. Wt. 500 gm  
H1704 Cylinder front cover CI. 2 req. Wt. 350 gm  
H1705 Piston Valve front cover CI. 2 req. Wt. 200 gm  
H1706 Piston Valve rear cover CI. 2 req. Wt. 200 gm  
H1707 Driving Wheel CI. 2 req. Wt. 2.2 kg  
H1708 Leading and Trailing Wheel CI. 6 req. Wt. 2 kg  
H1709 Boiler Bush PB. 1 req. Wt. 400 gm  
H1710 Boiler Ring PB. 1 req. Wt. 450 gm  
H1711 Regulator PB. 1 req. Wt. 450 gm  
H1712 Regulator Yoke PB. 1 req. Wt. 25 gm  
H1713 Regulator Bush PB. 1 req. Wt. 50 gm  
H1714 Wet Header PB. 1 req. Wt. 350 gm  
H1715 Locomotive Axle Box set CI. 1 req. Wt. 4 kg  
H207 Bogie Wheel CI. 4 req. Wt. 800 gm 3 1/2" 8-spoke  
H1001 Tender Wheel CI. 8 req. Wt. 1 kg 4.1" 8-spoke  
H1026 Tender Brake Blocks CI. 2 rings req. Wt. 900 gm  
H1644 Muffler PB. lost wax 1 req. Wt. 300 gm  
H1716 Axle Pump PB. 2 req. Wt. 400 gm  
H1717 Weight Shaft Bearing PB. 2 req. Wt. 150 gm  
H3478 Tender Pump PB. 1 req. Wt. 1 kg Double Acting  
H1718 Sanddome PB. 1 req. Wt. 1 kg  
H1721 Front Bogie Axle Box CI. 4 req.wt1.3 kg  
H1722 Bogie Centre Casting CI. 1 req.wt  
H1729-20 Motion Bracket Laird PB 1RH 1LH Wt. 600 gms  
H1725-6 Expansion Link Bracket Laird PB 2RH 2LH Wt. 200 gms  
H1729 Eccentric Strap CI . 2 req. Wt. 275 gms  
H1730 Fire Box Door PB. 1 req. Wt.  
H943 Tender Brake Cylinder inc. Body Covers PB. 1 req. Wt. 1 kg  
H1002 Tender Axle Box C.I. 8 req. Wt. 400gms  
H1082 Loco Brake Shoes C.I. 1 Ring of 8  
H1611 Buffer Stock C.I. 4 req. Wt. 180gms  
H1042-3 Locomotive Brake Cylinder PB 2 req. Wt 300gms  

Set of Castings

H1740 Loco Frames Water Jet Cut 2 req. Wt. 300gms